Property Management FAQ


Q.     When will owners receive their checks?
     Checks to owners are mailed on the 15th of each month.

Q.     What happens when my property has a maintenance call?
A.     All maintenance is approved through owners unless it is an emergency.

Q.     Who should pay for the water bill?
     We ask owners to pay for water.  Tenants will have no reason not to water your
         lawn during the hot summer months.

Q.     What is a maintenance repair fund?
Realty Property Management may need money in your account to take care of
         emergencies when we may not have any rent money.

Q.     How does Realty Property Management advertise?
Realty property Management has a stock ad that runs in the Antelope Valley
         Press daily.

Q.     Where is the maintenance repair funds and security deposits kept?
These funds are kept in a non-interest bearing trust account.

Q.    What should owners do as far as insurance on their rental home?
Owners should contact their insurance agent and change their policy to a
        landlords policy.

Q.    Why would my house not rent right away?
Overpriced, cleanliness, curb appeal, neighborhood, location.  Lack of amenities,
        i.e. mini blinds, landscaping, built in appliances.


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